Rotomolding is a plastic transformation technique in which hollow parts can be obtained without
joints, due to the rotation process that takes place inside a high-temperature oven.

Rotomolding process

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of rotomolded parts, which allows us to obtain high quality parts with a degree of finish that is difficult to match.

Before starting the rotomolding process, it is necessary to calculate the amount of polymer required to manufacture the part and the number of parts needed in each batch. In this way we will waste as little material as possible.


To begin with, the liquid polymer is deposited into the mould.


The second step is to close the mould and place it in an oven at temperatures between 250-450ºC. 


The mould starts to rotate around two perpendicular axes that pass through the centre of gravity of the part. 


This rotational movement causes the polymer to bind to the walls of the mould and the part becomes hollow inside.


Finally, the mould is cooled and the solid part is removed.


Once the parts have been removed from the oven, they are sent to quality control.

Fabricación por rotomoldeo

Materials used in the rotomolding process

The material used in the production of rotomoulded parts is vinyl or plastisol. The customer can select the type of vinyl and colour according to the requirements of his product. Our company uses the highest quality materials required for the production of toys, carrying out annual tests and complying with all existing regulations.

materiales rotomoldeo

Quality control

After manufacturing the parts in the rotomolding oven, we move on to the QUALITY CONTROL phase. For this, we have an expert team that is in charge of cleaning and checking each piece to ensure that the final product has no defects and is totally safe for the user. 

In addition to this, each product is reworked and organised in the quantities required by the customer, to facilitate the subsequent use of the products, always adapting to their needs.



At Industrias Buzma S.L. we want to promote the circular economy, which involves sharing, repairing, reusing, renewing and recycling materials and products as many times as possible in order to extend the life cycle of these materials and create added value.

In this way, when our parts can no longer be used, we send them to be shredded and recycled for other production processes, so that these materials remain in the economy for as long as possible.

triturado del plastico

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