At Industrias Buzma we carry out the entire manufacturing process from start to finish of the desired doll or product.

Advice and product development

The first step in the production of made-to-measure products is to translate the customer’s idea into a three-dimensional model. In this first stage, our technical department will advise you on the production process of models and mock-ups, always oriented towards the production of quality parts from the beginning. For the development of the models, we have a team of professionals who work with a wide variety of techniques, focusing on the most suitable technique for the required product.

Mold making

Within the different options of modelling the doll or product, we find different methods: the modelling technique (a handmade craft technique), 3D modelling and 3D printing (the newest technique). 

control de calidad
Taller de pintura

Manufacturing of rotomolding or blow molds

Once the model has been made, the molds required for production will be made. Our technical department will select the most suitable production technique and will be in charge of creating the required moulds. These may be rotomolding or blow moulding moulds. Once the moulds have been made, the manufacturing of the product begins. This phase is key for obtaining a good product and for the correct development of the different phases of model and mould creation.

Horno rotomoldeo
Fabricación rotomoldeo

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